In recent years, Singapore has emerged as one of the favorite destinations for many international students. People are now getting over UK and US, and are keen to explore more options. Moreover, Singapore is a destination which is not very far and provides quality education at low cost. According to some reports, Singapore is one of the top countries in providing quality higher education. The added advantage of studying in Singapore is that countries like Australia, US, UK, and France offer their programs in the universities of Singapore. The Education Minister of the country has been applauded for his work to raise the bar of education in the country. The country also offers various employment opportunities post education. Many companies under fortune 500 companies belong are located in Singapore. Nanyang Business School and NUS Business School of Singapore University are amongst top 50 business schools of the world.

If you are also planning to pursue your higher studies in abroad but doesn’t want to go so far, Singapore is the place. So before you make any decision here is everything that you must know about Singapore and its education system:

About Singapore

Located in South East Asia, Singapore is both country and the state, it is amongst the 15 smallest countries of the world, the US is almost 15000 times bigger than Singapore. Singapore is the land of islands, it comprises of not only one but 63 islands. The culture of the country is really vibrant and colorful. Singapore is known for being the home of world’s first-night zoo. Night Safari of this zoo is worth experiencing, it has almost 1000 breeds of animals. Along with studies, students will get to experience the vibrant culture of this country. Apart from being land of islands, you may find several man-made waterfalls. The first tallest waterfall of 35 meters belongs to Singapore. The country promotes peace and is considered as one of the greenest cities around the world, almost half of Singapore is covered with greenery. The country is full of flora and fauna and has also been named as UNESCO’s first world heritage city.

Lifestyle of Singapore

People in Singapore needs a reason to celebrate, there is always some celebration going on in the country. Various sports events, lifestyle events, cultural events are held all around the year. Singapore is also famous for its shopping spree in July. You will get all latest fashion trends in the collection of these shopping festivals. Not only it is known for its fashion statement but it is a great place for foodies as well, Singapore food festival is celebrated every year in July where you can get to see a number of Singaporean dishes, with a blend of traditional and modern taste.


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