Mission and Vision Statement

Indus Foreign Education Group (IFEG) is the best education consultant in Chandigarh, dedicated to assisting prospective students in finding the best colleges and universities for their educational needs. Our vision is to be recognized as the top provider of study visa services in Chandigarh, offering comprehensive placement information and guidance. We strive to empower students with the confidence to achieve their academic goals and unlock a world of opportunities through our expertise and resources.

The Nature of the Business and Services Provided

IFEG stands out as the best overseas consultant in Chandigarh, providing essential resources for individuals wishing to study abroad. Each year, thousands of students from India seek information regarding admissions to various programs in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Europe, the United Kingdom, and The United States of America. We understand the complexity of finding a suitable institution, considering academic reputation, environment, population, cost of living, and the application process. IFEG aims to ease this process by providing students with adequate information for effortless application acceptance and decision-making.

IFEG’s major focus is on providing higher education solutions in Chandigarh to help students fulfil their dreams. Our services include:

Application Process

IFEG, known for the best study visa services in Chandigarh, offers comprehensive assistance with the application process. This includes guidance on obtaining necessary documents such as entrance visas and financial statements required by each institution. We ensure a polished, professional application by reviewing and providing appropriate suggestions and recommendations. Additionally, we promptly forward all applications and accompanying documents to the respective institutions.

Customer Support

We prioritize continuous follow-up to facilitate communication between our staff, agents, and the client base. Overseas agents/representatives are readily available to answer questions and provide on-site support. Our dedicated 800-customer support number, equipped with a VRU voice response unit and integrated database connectivity, keeps clients updated on their application’s progress.

Our dedication to our clients extends beyond acceptance by their desired institutions. We offer a three-month support period, enabling clients to call our 800 number for any questions about their initial months in their chosen study destinations.

We provide extensive personal guidance to every student, briefing them on various aspects of life, culture, and part-time work. Our expert counsellors, recognized as the best education consultants in Chandigarh, offer personalized guidance based on their areas of expertise. Orientation programs are conducted to prepare students and prevent cultural shocks.

At IFEG, clients can expect the best in post-departure support. We maintain regular communication with universities/colleges to ensure our students face no problems related to accommodation, courses, etc., during their initial period in a new country.


Advertising and Brand Communications

IFEG strategically utilizes college and localized educational newspapers, aiming to be recognized as the best visa services provider in Chandigarh. Additionally, we employ bulletin boards, department offices, career centres, educational online communities, and Internet relationship marketing programs for effective brand communication.

Other Strategies

In our commitment to prospective clients, IFEG offers one free search with each contact made during the first three months of operation, resulting in significant savings for our clients.